"Just as we love every member of the family, I love and cherish my fans and call them: "My Dears".

Welcome to my new website, Dears!"

Upcoming Events
June 29, 22:00
Astana, Kazakhstan
June 29, 22:00
Astana, Kazakhstan
Astana Arena. Arnau concert
The love of a multimillion audience around the world, Dimash returns to his motherland Kazakhstan in order to give his countrymen a new show called "Arnau". This is a completely new format, based on the experience of the most ambitious world productions. The unique digital and multimedia possibilities of the innovative concept "Kineticvoice" will surprise you during the whole show.

October 26, 19:00
Brooklyn, NY, USA
October 26, 19:00
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Barclays Center
The gifted Russian composer Igor Krutoi, in celebration of his 65th birthday, will perform at Barclays Center on October 26, 2019. Dimash will perform as a guest at this event.

The preeminent composer is renowned for shaping an innovative artistic and musical genre through his magnificent performances, which have been enjoyed by the Russian Aristocracy and other global admirers throughout the decades.

"One of the most interesting voices that I've heard in the last 40 years. My hat's off. His vocal is just crazy"
Al Bano
"If I closed my eyes, I would've thought there were at least eight to 10 people singing"
"I discovered a wonderful singer Dimash, who impressed the entire public with his amazing voice, including me"
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